Meet Our Team

Since 1989, we have been a family of funds – some large, others small – promoting philanthropy both locally and around the world. Meet the individuals behind the Community Foundation. Our dedicated staff and board of directors oversee everything from donations and fund management to local volunteer opportunities and nonprofit workshops.

Board Officers

Bill Hoglund, Chair
John Lummis, Vice Chair
Scott Gibson, Treasurer
Bob Kopp, Secretary & Grants Committee Chair
Erika Pearsall, Past Co-Chair, Ex-Officio
Jon Dawson, Executive Committee Member
Stacey Morse, Executive Committee Member, Incoming Board Chair
Don Opatrny, Executive Committee Member & Investment Chair
Jerry Schendel, Executive Committee Member


Bill Newton
Salisbury Adams (in memory)

Board of Directors

Betty Andrikopoulos
Val Beck
Jane Hopkins Carey
Lisa Carlin
Peggy Davenport
Laura Harrison
Chris Hartley*
Laurie Huff*
Marcia Kunstel
David Landes
Julie O’Halloran
Katrina Ryan
Rep. Andy Schwartz
Ted Staryk
Paul Vogelheim
Janet Whitmire
Astrid Warden, Chair – Community Foundation of Teton Valley

*incoming member as of 2021