Free communication tools and resources for nonprofits

We help the broader Jackson Hole community connect and collaborate by offering free access to online communication tools and resources for nonprofits.

Best Practices

Below is a compilation of resources pertaining to the development of business plans, formation of partnerships, troubleshooting of financial problems, and other practices for the efficient management of nonprofits.

Model Guidelines for Nonprofits

This link leads you to four pages of guidelines for proposed partnerships, ethical guidelines and questions for review.

Strategic Approach to Communications and Marketing

Workbook with tips for essential communication methods and development of a compelling message.

Strategic Approach to Finance and Funding

A Strategic Approach to Fund Development

Contains tips for creation of a fundraising plan, implementation of successful fundraising techniques, and building relationships with donors.

Resources for Evaluation

The National Council of Nonprofits provides a variety of resources and tools for understanding and implementation of outcome and performance evaluation.

Evaluating Effectiveness Workbook

Displays an interactive tool for evaluating the performance of the staff, board, and leaders of an organization.

Standards for Excellence Institute

Guiding principles and standards for excellence in the areas of governance, financial systems, personnel practices, fundraising activities, public affairs, and more.

Panel on the Nonprofit Sector

Download the Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations, outlining 33 practices designed to support board members and staff leaders of every charitable organization as they work to improve their own operations.

How to Start a Nonprofit 

Tips on doing your research, building a solid foundation and filing for federal tax-exempt status.

Wyoming Specific Resources

Includes resources on the life cycle of public charities, links to Wyoming’s Secretary of State website and nonprofit corporation instructions and filing form.

Board and Staff Development

Contains tips for clarifying the roles and responsibilities of staff and board members and for creating systems for augmenting the effectiveness of the staff.

990 Checklist for Boards to Review Annually from Boardsource

Exceptional Board Practices

Contains a board effectiveness assessment tool and information regarding practices that successful boards utilize.

Leadership Skills Workshop

Provides information that defines elements of good leadership, describes the benefits of leading instead of managing, and contains tips for building successful teams.

Creating Healthy, Supportive Work Environments

Contains pointers for effective team-building, conflict resolution, working with different learning styles, and developing positive work environments.

Business Planning For Nonprofits – What It Is And Why It Matters

Provides an in-depth study of the importance of the process of developing a business plan, in addition to the value of the actual tangible finished product. Outcomes include a more well-defined understanding of intended impacts, specific actions to employ, necessary resources, and establishing measures of performance, which are crucial to the development and successful management of a nonprofit.

Wyoming Small Business Development Center

WSBDC will help you write your business plan or provide business plan review, as well as provide free market research.

Ten Keys to Successful Strategic Planning for Nonprofit and Foundation Leaders

Clearly defines strategic planning and its benefits, while providing specific examples of key factors to consider during the development of a strategic plan. Differentiates strategic planning from other modes of planning.

Sample Business Plans (PDF downloads)

View sample business plans to collect ideas for beginning the planning process.

Strategic Approach to Change Workbook

Provides an interactive workbook for organizations to explore their own strategic planning practices. Includes reference material.

Nonprofit Directory

A comprehensive look into the organizations that help the Jackson Hole community run. 

Get to know our nonprofits by searching by area of interest or alphabetically.


Volunteers are a crucial resource for nonprofit organizations. Engaging volunteers effectively is an essential part of a nonprofit’s ability to connect with its community and maintain positive public relations. As such, nonprofits have an obligation to act as responsible stewards of the skills, energy, and time that volunteers bring to the organization. Below are resources to help guide nonprofits in attracting and managing volunteers effectively.

Old Bill’s Fun Run

One of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful.

In 2022, Old Bill’s Fun Run raised $19.9 million dollars from 4,193 donors. Over the past 26 years, Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $228 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.


Raised for Nonprofits

During Old Bill's Fun Run


Total funds raised

Over the last 26 years, Old Bill’s has provided a grand total of $228,714,334 to nonprofits in Teton County.

Nonprofit Professional Development

The Community Foundation will resume offering professional development opportunities for local nonprofits in fall 2023. Details forthcoming.

Visit Nonprofit Professional Development Resources for websites, blogs, videos, and consultant recommendations that have been utilized by the Community Foundation or recommended by peer nonprofits. 

Please contact us if you have a great nonprofit education resource to suggest!

Nonprofit Listserve

The Community Foundation provides the Nonprofit Listserve so nonprofits can share resources, collaborate and not duplicate efforts.

Nonprofit Compensation & Demographics Reports

In late winter 2022, the Community Foundations of Jackson Hole and Teton Valley conducted the biennial Nonprofit Compensation Survey. The two reports generated from this survey serve as a resource for executive staff and boards at local nonprofits in reviewing employee compensation and developing budgets.

The 2022 Jackson Hole and Teton Valley Nonprofit Compensation Reports are available only to organizations that participated in the associated survey. Historic JH Nonprofit Compensation Reports are available here: 2020 /​2018

As a complement to the 2022 Nonprofit Compensation Survey, the Community Foundations invited members of the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley nonprofit sector to participate in the inaugural Nonprofit Demographics Survey. The Foundations seek this data to understand the diversity of identities represented across our sector, which will help us better serve all nonprofit stakeholders through programming and strategic initiatives. 

The next Nonprofit Compensation and Demographics Surveys will be conducted in winter 2024, with reports available in spring 2024. 

Contact Hannah Sell with questions.