Teton County Scholarship Program Celebrates Class of 2024 with over $1M in Scholarships

Teton Coun­ty Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram (TCSP) was pleased to announce its 2024 win­ners at Schol­ar­ship Night on April 24. This year, 156 stu­dents from across Teton Coun­ty applied for 75 schol­ar­ships spon­sored by gen­er­ous local donors. A grand total of $1,001,648 was award­ed to Teton Coun­ty high school seniors.

Dr. Gillian Chap­man, Super­in­ten­dent of Teton Coun­ty School Dis­trict #1, said, The fact that our com­mu­ni­ty steps up to sup­port local stu­dents on this lev­el is sim­ply amaz­ing. It gives our stu­dents the con­fi­dence and resources they need to suc­ceed. We are incred­i­bly grate­ful to the more than six­ty donors who make these awards pos­si­ble. The dif­fer­ence you make in the lives of our stu­dents is tru­ly life-changing.”

TCSP is admin­is­tered by the Fund for Pub­lic Edu­ca­tion and the Com­mu­ni­ty Foun­da­tion of Jack­son Hole, in part­ner­ship with TCSD#1. It is open to all grad­u­at­ing high school seniors in Teton Coun­ty, includ­ing home-schooled students. 

The Teton Coun­ty Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram has grown so much over the years, but its spir­it has remained the same,” said Jen­nifer Jellen, the Fund for Pub­lic Education’s exec­u­tive director. This is about our com­mu­ni­ty help­ing one anoth­er and build­ing bet­ter futures for the kids and fam­i­lies in our valley.”

Local donors came togeth­er to pro­vide fund­ing for 224 indi­vid­ual TCSP awards. The awards cel­e­brate stu­dent achieve­ments rang­ing from aca­d­e­mics to ath­let­ics to com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice to resilience in the face of adversity. 

The finan­cial costs asso­ci­at­ed with col­lege are a road­block for many stu­dents, and we are hon­ored to help bridge the gap with schol­ar­ships,” said Com­mu­ni­ty Foun­da­tion Pres­i­dent Lau­rie Andrews. We hope these schol­ar­ships will be trans­for­ma­tive to the future of the Class of 2024.”

TCSP extends spe­cial thanks to local high school coun­selors and admin­is­tra­tors for their invalu­able partnership.

To learn more about TCSP, vis­it teton​schol​ar​ships​.org or call (307) 7329414.


2024 TCSP Awards 

  • Allan D. Owens Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Owens Ortho­don­tics): Jesse Patton
  • Amer­i­can Legion Post 43 of Jack­son Hole Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Amer­i­can Legion Post 43 of Jack­son Hole): Alexan­der Brown, Cam­den Brown, Justin Castag­no, Oliv­er Cruz Gar­cia, Estephanie Gar­cia, Kayli Gen­z­er, Alexan­der Gin­gery, Bry­nesh­war Noo­jibail, Mack Olvera Bautista, Collin Quinn, Zack Smith, Lucy Turner
  • Archie and Lois Kem­per Jurich Fam­i­ly Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Kem­per Jurich Fam­i­ly): Angel Rooks Orton
  • Art Asso­ci­a­tion of Jack­son Hole Har­ri­et Minczes­ki Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Art Asso­ci­a­tion of Jack­son Hole): Rox­ana Martinez
  • AVID Dreams (spon­sored by Teton Coun­ty School Dis­trict AVID Stu­dents): Ana Cas­tro, Cruz Fourre, Melany Hierro-Hernandez 
  • Bill Hol­da Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Moran Vol­un­teer Fire­fight­ers Asso­ci­a­tion): Justin Castag­no, Dylan Zimmerman
  • Bil­ly Frank Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Frank Fam­i­ly & Friends): Alexan­der Brown, Anna Brown, Avery Kyle, Paschall McDaniel, Ceci­ly Ross, Jack Stolte, Bod­ie Turner
  • Bil­ly Frank Memo­r­i­al Speech and Debate Award (spon­sored by an Anony­mous Donor): Jack­son Neishabouri, James Neishabouri
  • Bison Voca­tion­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Bruce Bowen): Alex Robles-Montiel
  • Buf­fa­lo Val­ley Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Buf­fa­lo Val­ley Schol­ar­ship Fund): Justin Castagno
  • Charles Reid Schouboe Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Schouboe Lope­man Fam­i­ly & Friends): Kasey Carr, Caden Nield
  • Clarene Law Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Bank of Jack­son Hole): Andrew Hanna
  • Crimestop­pers Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Crimestop­pers): Bet­sy Vazquez
  • Dave Hansen White­wa­ter Schol­ar­ship spon­sored by (Dave Hansen White­wa­ter): Hai­ley Stines
  • Dav­ey Jack­son Chap­ter of the Daugh­ters of the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion Schol­ar­ships (spon­sored by The Dav­ey Jack­son Chap­ter of the Daugh­ters of the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion): June Darin, Grace Mead­ows, Olivia Mielke, Sascha Mizelle, Leela Rogers
  • Delta Kap­pa Gam­ma — Chi Chap­ter Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Delta Kap­pa Gam­ma Chi — Jack­son Hole Chap­ter): Rox­ana Mar­tinez, Kate Ryan
  • Don Cush­man Com­mu­ni­ty Music Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Com­mu­ni­ty Band): Cam­den Brown, Hay­den Wieloh
  • Dr. Brook Tlougan Med­ical Jour­ney Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Brook Tlougan, MD, FAAD): June Darin
  • EAA Young Eagles Flight Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Exper­i­men­tal Air­craft Asso­ci­a­tion Teton Chap­ter 1049): Jack­son Moss
  • Erin’s Fund Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Chris­tine Good­man & Friends): Cruz Fourre, Car­ly Ruiz Ayala
  • First in Fam­i­ly Jack­son Hole Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by First in Fam­i­ly Jack­son Hole): Bri­an Bar­rios Mon­tiel, Justin Castag­no, Lucy Dil­lon, Melany Her­nan­dez Gar­cia, Kevin Loaeza Luna, Liz­beth Mar­tinez Tzom­pa, Cami­la Mendez, Emi­ly Perez Sanchez, Mesa Smith­men, Angel Vil­lanue­va Ordonez
  • Foster’s Out­rid­ers Vocational/​Trade School Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Friess Fam­i­ly): Kaden Nield, Leslie Perez, Alex Robles-Montiel
  • Fuzzy Bud­dy Ani­mal Wel­fare Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by an Anony­mous Donor): Brynn Abbey
  • Geol­o­gists of Jack­son Hole Earth Sci­ence Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Geol­o­gists of Jack­son Hole): Syd Bold­en, June Darin, Axl Koch, Avery Kyle, Jesse Pat­ton, Mesa Smith­men, Auro­ra Stiles, Bod­ie Turner 
  • Girls Active­ly Par­tic­i­pat­ing (GAP!) Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Girls Active­ly Par­tic­i­pat­ing! (GAP!)): Fin­ley Brown­field, Lucy Dil­lon, Eva Flana­gan, Alexan­dra Gin­gery, Rox­ana Mar­tinez, Lev­ana San­gros, Sophia Stoessel
  • GLR Fine Art Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Gabriel Lopez): Vale­ria Perez Carrillo
  • Grand Teton Lodge Com­pa­ny North Val­ley Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Grand Teton Lodge Com­pa­ny): Ila Mus­clow, Kate Ryan, Auro­ra Stiles
  • Har­mo­ny Design & Engi­neer­ing STEM Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Har­mo­ny Design & Engi­neer­ing): June Darin, Jesse Pat­ton, Mesa Smithmen
  • Head­wa­ters Dis­trict Boy Scouts of Amer­i­ca Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Head­wa­ters Dis­trict of Boy Scouts of Amer­i­ca): Syd Bold­en, Justin Castag­no, Zack Smith
  • Jack­son Hole Break­fast Rotary Club Trade or Voca­tion­al School Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Break­fast Rotary Club): Oliv­er Cruz Gar­cia, Angel Gar­cia, Leslie Perez, Aldric Tor­res Rangel
  • Jack­son Hole Cham­ber of Com­merce Maysie Reach Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Jack­son Hole Cham­ber of Com­merce): Arath Gaona Mendez
  • Jack­son Hole Golf & Ten­nis Ladies 18-Hole Golf Tour­na­ment Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Golf & Ten­nis Ladies 18-Hole Golf Tour­na­ment): Alex French, Jack­son Moss, Eliz­a­beth Prince, Gra­cen Rosenberg
  • Jack­son Hole Jew­ish Community Tikkun Olam” Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ty): Alexan­der Brown
  • Jack­son Hole Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ty Mai­monides Trade School or Appren­tice­ship Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ty): Alex Robles-Montiel
  • Jack­son Hole Lions Club Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Lions Club): Jesse Pat­ton, Alex Rob­les-Mon­tiel, Mesa Smithmen
  • Jack­son Hole Moun­tain Resort Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Moun­tain Resort): Lane Brazell, Lay­ton Macleod, Taya McClen­nen, Leela Rogers, Jack Stolte 
  • Jack­son Hole Per­form­ing Arts Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Per­form­ing Arts Schol­ar­ship Fund): Cam­den Brown
  • Jack­son Hole Ski Patrol Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Friends and fam­i­ly of Jack­son Hole Ski Patrol): Grif­f­en Ander­son, Alyosha Bil­limo­ria, Lane Brazell, Keane Hult­man, Gavin Keel­in, Jack­son Moss, Bry­nesh­war Noo­jibail, Auro­ra Stiles, Hai­ley Stines, Sophia Stoes­sel, Jack Stolte, Char­lie Webb, Lucas Wilmot
  • Jack­son Hole Youth Moun­tain Bik­ing Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Youth Moun­tain Bik­ing): Keane Hult­man, Miles Huse­by, Owen Strand, Hay­den Wieloh
  • James W. Edwards Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Owens Fam­i­ly Den­tistry): Cadel Carrigan
  • Kiwa­nis Club of Jack­son Hole Jim Kaye Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Kiwa­nis Club of Jack­son Hole): Eva Flanagan
  • Lati­na Lead­er­ship Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Fund for Pub­lic Edu­ca­tion): Liz­beth Mar­tinez Tzompa
  • Levi Dow­ell Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by an Anony­mous Donor): Cruz Fourre
  • Make A Dif­fer­ence Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Ross & Chris­tine Hart­ley Fam­i­ly Phil­an­thropy Fund held at the Com­mu­ni­ty Foun­da­tion of Jack­son Hole): Sien­na Ander­son, Diego Avi­la Cas­tro, Tosh Bes­sette, Jair Bedol­la Perez, Avery Bin­stadt, Lach­lan Brighton, Gra­cie-Mae Brooks, Megan Brown, Sebas­t­ian Brun­ner, Hay­den Clark, Jacob Collins, Brynn Crab­tree, Frank Daly, Declan Fos­ter, Liseli Gar­cia Tor­res, Ellis Hagen, Lin­den Hansen, Rodol­fo Her­nan­dez Gon­za­lez, Zoe Jorale­mon, Mario Juarez Cer­vantes, Cameron Kendall, Madi­son Kramer, Cole Kreike­meier, Kole McCune, Lane Miller, Sophie Neilsen, Augus­tine Porter, Lola Roberts, Brooke Rogers, Alex Roldan Vazquez, Carter Sel­l­eck, Matthew Steele, Emma Sut­ton, Avery Tay­lor, Jim­my Tzom­pa, Ty Van Zan­ten, Laris­sa Vazquez Her­nan­dez, Ella Watkins, Tay­lor Watsabaugh, Dae­gan Wil­son, Axel Wogo­man, Nico Yeo­mans, Riley Zeleznik
  • Mar­i­ana Bat­son Augé Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Bat­son and Wheel­er Fam­i­lies): Beat­rix Goldstein
  • Nel­son Engi­neer­ing Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Nel­son Engi­neer­ing): Dylan Zimmerman
  • NMWA Art Lead­er­ship Schol­ar­ship in Mem­o­ry of Dick Jen­nings (spon­sored by the Nation­al Muse­um of Wildlife Art): Madeleine Moore
  • Order of the East­ern Star Chap­ter #50 Youth Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Jack­son Hole Chap­ter #50 of the Order of the East­ern Star): Beat­rix Gold­stein, Jack­son Moss
  • Patri­cia Boda Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by St. John’s Health Foun­da­tion): Eliz­a­beth May
  • Peer Advo­cate Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Com­mu­ni­ty Safe­ty Net­work): Sophia Stoessel
  • Prugh Real Estate Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Prugh Real Estate): Lexi Hig­gins, Reina Rhodes
  • Rotary Club of Jack­son Hole Schol­ar­ships (spon­sored by Rotary Lunch Club Foun­da­tion): Alyosha Bil­limo­ria, Lane Brazell, Mia Brazil, Alexan­der Brown, Kasey Carr, Thomas Caru­so, Justin Castag­no, Ana Cas­tro, Petra Cer­nicek, June Darin, Lucy Dil­lon, Eva Flan­na­gan, Cruz Fourre, Alex French, Kayli Gen­z­er, Beat­rix Gold­stein, Tatum Gra­ham, Rebec­ca Griebel, Andrew Han­na, Pey­ton Har­ris, Melany Her­nadez Gar­cia, Melany Hier­ro-Her­nadez, Gavin Keel­in, Avery Kyle, Taya McClen­nen, Paschall McDaniel, Grace Mead­ows, Olivia Mielke, Jesse Pat­ton, Ariel Perez, Emi­ly Perez Sanchez, Alex Rob­les-Mon­tiel, Angel Rooks Orton, Gra­cen Rosen­berg, Ceci­ly Ross, Sam Sin­clair, Mesa Smith­men, Emi­ly Stafford, Bod­ie Turn­er, Logan Ward, Char­lie Webb
  • Rylee McCol­lum Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Paul Keogh and Friends): Ryan Nowl­in, Car­ly Ruiz Ayala
  • Sorop­ti­mist Inter­na­tion­al of Jack­son Hole Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Sorop­ti­mist Inter­na­tion­al Club of Jack­son Hole):, Kayli Gen­z­er, Rox­ana Mar­tinez, Auro­ra Stiles, Hai­ley Stines
  • St. John’s Health Aux­il­iary Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Aux­il­iary of St. John’s Health): June Darin, Pey­ton Har­ris, Paschall McDaniel
  • Ted Jonke Memo­r­i­al Soc­cer Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Jonke Fam­i­ly): Peter Con­can­non, Taya McClen­nen, Edmond Opler
  • Teton Board of Realtors®/Multiple List­ing Ser­vice Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Teton Board of Realtors®/Multiple List­ing Ser­vice): Anna Brown, Cruz Fourre
  • Teton Coun­ty Com­mis­sion­ers Con­tin­u­ing Edu­ca­tion Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Teton Coun­ty / Teton Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers): Isaac Crab­tree, Angel Resendiz, Alex Robles-Montiel
  • Teton Coun­ty Com­mis­sion­ers State Fund­ed Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by State of Wyoming / Teton Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers): Kayli Gen­z­er, Liz­beth Mar­tinez Tzom­pa, Leslie Sosa Cruz 
  • Teton Coun­ty Social Ser­vices Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Men­tal Health and Recov­ery Ser­vices of JH and Teton Youth and Fam­i­ly Ser­vices): Fin­ley Brown­field, Tatum Graham
  • Teton Pines Coun­try Club Employ­ee Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Teton Pines Coun­try Club): Thomas Caru­so, Bri­an­na Clan­cy, Sue­my Gaona Perez, Alexan­dra Gingery
  • Teton Trail Run­ners TZ Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Teton Trail Run­ners): Jesse Patton
  • The Club at 3 Creek Employ­ee Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by The Club at 3 Creek): Eliz­a­beth May, Eriq Cuevas
  • The Club at 3 Creek Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by The Club at 3 Creek): Grif­f­en Ander­son, Arath Gaona Mendez, Kayli Gen­z­er, Gavin Keel­in, Jesse Pat­ton, Angel Resendiz, Alex Rob­les-Mon­tiel, Leslie Sosa Cruz
  • Von Gontard Memo­r­i­al Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Von Gontard Fam­i­ly): Alexan­dra Gingery
  • Y2 Con­sul­tants Sci­ence & Engi­neer­ing Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by Y2 Con­sul­tants): Brynn Abbey, Avery Kyle
  • Young Lead­er­ships Schol­ar­ship (spon­sored by the Fund for Pub­lic Edu­ca­tion and Keller Williams Lux­u­ry Jack­son Hole): Analy Gar­cia Perez, Braden Hills, Vega Sanchez, Fer­nan­do Zarate Cer­vantes, Ryleigh Zepp-Olsen