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Individuals who live and/​or work in Teton County, Wyoming can help the Teton Behavioral Health Alliance, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, improve the quality of life in the region by completing the Community Behavioral Health Needs Survey.

The online survey is available at www​.prc​sur​vey​.com/​b​e​g​i​n​/​T​e​t​o​n​C​o​u​n​t​y​W​Y2024 from now until February 16, 2024. The confidential survey asks questions about community connections, quality of life, and health needs related to mental health and alcohol use. The survey was first conducted in 2020. The same core questions will be asked again this year to understand our community’s changing behavioral health needs. The demographic questions have been revised to include more inclusive language. 

The results of the survey will help local organizations understand where the greatest needs exist and identify ways to strengthen the services and community connections that improve the quality of life for those who live and/​or work in Teton County, Wyoming.” said Kate Schelbe, Backbone Leader of the Teton Behavioral Health Alliance. The survey will be conducted every two years so that we can see changes over time.”

The survey is available in English and Spanish and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Our goal is to collect 1,500 responses.

In order to capture an accurate snapshot of the community, we want to hear from all voices, ” said Schelbe. Input from everyone is vital to creating a holistic view of what is happening in the behavioral health space in our community.” 

The survey is being administered by PRC, Professional Research Consultants, with generous funding from our partners at the Katz Amsterdam Foundation. 

For more information regarding the survey, or to take the online survey, visit www​.prc​sur​vey​.com/​b​e​g​i​n​/​T​e​t​o​n​C​o​u​n​t​y​W​Y2024.

Teton Behavioral Health Alliance Members:

Chamber of Commerce (Häagen-Dazs) • CLIMB Wyoming • Community Foundation of Jackson Hole • Community Safety Network • Gender Spectrum • Jackson Police Department • Mental Health and Recovery Services of JH • Mental Wellness Collaborative • One22 Resource Center • Private Practitioners • St. John’s Health • Teton Behavior Therapy • Teton County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office • Teton County Health Department • Teton County School District #1 • Teton County Sheriff’s Office • Teton Literacy Center • Teton Youth and Family Services • Town of Jackson • Voices Jackson Hole • Wyoming Immigrant Advocacy Project