​Donor Resources

The Community Foundation offers Donor View, a free and secure online tracking system that lets fundholders view fund activity and recommend grants online 24/7, as a service to our fundholders. Fundholders may contribute to, review activity in, and manage your fund(s).

Getting Started with Donor View

Login to Donor View

How do I register for Donor View?

If you are not signed up to use Donor View, contact the Community Foundation (307) 739-1026 to obtain your confidential user ID and password.

I’m registered; how do I use Donor View?

First, login to Donor View to view your fund(s) information. Select any of the figures shown to obtain a detailed transaction record. You can also use Donor View to recommend grants, print fund statements and perform other functions.

Have Questions?

If you have a question or are having technical difficulties, contact Erin Lusins, (307) 739-1026. We are happy to help.