Competitive Grants Program

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole provides grants through a biannual application process to strategically support local organizations addressing community issues and needs in Teton County, Wyoming. Funding decisions are made by a dedicated volunteer committee comprised of Jackson Hole residents with diverse interests and experience in a variety of fields and aspects of our community.

Grant Details


Each proposal must be represented by a single IRS approved charitable entity that will assume responsibility for the management of and reporting on the grant. IRS approved organization types include 501(c)(3) public charities, schools, governmental entities and religious organizations. Grant funds must be used in Teton County, Wyoming.

Organizations that have previously received a grant from the Community Foundation and have overdue grant reports are not eligible for new grant funding. If you have questions about your organization’s reporting status, please contact our office.

Available Funds

The Community Foundation strategically grants over $500,000 a year to address our community’s most pressing issues and ensure its vibrancy. Requests are accepted twice a year, and our dedicated volunteer grants committee thoughtfully reviews each application and recommends awards.

October 2017 Competitive Grant Cycle Statistics:

  • Applications Received: 38, requesting $382,504
  • Funded: 30, totaling $224,450
  • Average Award Size: $7,482

The Community Foundation supports a wide variety of proposals, reflecting the fabric and diverse passions of our community. Ideas for addressing issues in the arts, environment, social services, education, recreation, animals and civic arenas are all welcome. Applicants may request funding to support new or existing programs, capital projects, equipment purchases, general operations and capacity building.

Should your request be approved, your proposal is used as the basis for a grant contract, and funds may only be used for the purpose described in the grant application unless otherwise approved. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep a copy of the proposal and to track all fund expenditures.


The Community Foundation does not provide support for the following: religious activity, debt retirement, political activity, or organizations/ projects working primarily to influence legislation. The Community Foundation does not fund work retroactively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Review Committee Look for in Applications?

  • A clear and compelling community need
  • A well-developed program that will address the stated need
  • A rational methodology for meaningful program evaluation
  • A reasonable, comprehensive project budget

When is the Application Deadline and When Will Money be Available?
Applications must be submitted online in April and October. Funding is subsequently available in early January and early July, upon receipt of grant contracts for approved requests. If you have questions, please email Pam Sather or call (307) 739-1026.

Reporting Requirements

Grant reports for competitive grants over $1,000 are due one year from the date of the award. Grant report information can also be found on your competitive grant contract. Click here to download the Grant Report form.

  • Please submit your report via email to Pam Sather.
  • Photographs of your project are encouraged. To include photographs, send them as electronic files attached to your email when you send your report.
  • Grant reports are distributed to our Grants Committee for review. Reports may factor into future grant awards.
  • Grant reports are not required for micro grants or donor advised grants. Old Bill’s Fun Run grants require a specific report format, different than the competitive grant report form.
  • For more information, contact Pam Sather, (307) 739-1026.
Program Thanks

Funding for the Community Foundation’s Competitive Grants Program is provided by Old Bill’s Fun Run Co-Challengers, individual donors and endowed funds held at the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

Privacy Notice

Information from your proposal may be shared with other potential funders or used on our website, in press releases, in Community Foundation marketing materials or in grant writing workshops. The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole reserves the right to verify any information provided in your proposal. This includes, but is not limited to: references to data sources, collaborative partners and financial information.

How to Apply

Competitive Grant applications are reviewed twice a year. The next deadline will be this Spring. Specific application deadlines for each grant cycle are announced via the Nonprofit List Serve. If you have any questions regarding this application please call Pam Sather at 307-739-1026.