How to Give Through
Old Bill's Fun Run

There are two categories for giving: community donors and Co-Challengers. Community donors make a single designated gift, allocated between the specific nonprofits they wish to support. Co-Challengers provide undesignated funding that is used to partially match the designated gifts of community donors, substantially increasing the impact of each participating organization’s fundraising efforts during the giving period.

Old Bill's 2018 Giving Season begins August 1st

Co-Challengers & Donors

What is an Old Bill's Co-Challenger?

Co-Challengers are a special group of individuals and corporations who donate to the Old Bill’s match pool. These gifts are not earmarked for specific nonprofits, but are used to match the community’s donations. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, Co-Challengers give at levels of $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. This money forms the match pool, which is used to supplement the amounts raised by the community at large for each participating nonprofit.

The generosity of Co-Challengers inspires increased community giving and is key to Old Bill’s success. Co-Challengers can be proud to call themselves community leaders who promote charitable giving and intrinsically value philanthropy. Combined with community-wide efforts, they highlight the tremendous work of local nonprofits and appreciation of that work.

For more information on how to join this extraordinary group, contact Katharine Conover.

What is an Old Bill's Donor?

Donors who select one or more specific nonprofits to benefit from their Old Bill’s gift create the pool of donations from the community. By donating through Old Bill’s Fun Run during the giving period, the impact of each donor’s gift is augmented through the additional funding provided by the Co-Challengers in the form of a partial matching grant.

When the giving period opens, it is easy to become a donor. Simply select your favorite charities, determine how much you wish to give them, and make one donation to the Community Foundation for the total amount. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and contribute to a large collective impact.

Total Funds Raised to Date: $146,022,982

Old Bill’s has inspired thousands to invest millions to enrich our valley and transform lives.

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