Old Bill's Fun Run 2020

The 24th annual, community-wide fundraiser, Old Bill’s Fun Run, will take place this summer with considerable event modifications in response to COVID-19. To ensure the safety and welfare of the Jackson community, the Community Foundation has reimagined the “Run Day” component of Old Bill’s, which draws more than 3,500 people to the Town Square every September.

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The six-week Old Bill’s Giving Season, which kicks off August 1, will be the most crucial fundraising effort in the event’s 24-year history. Many local nonprofits are facing severe budget cuts because of COVID-19 and its associated impact on operations.

“Community spirit and generosity are at the heart of Old Bill’s, and while we are modifying the event this year, we are keeping these two vital pieces front and center,” remarked Laurie Andrews, President of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. “Run Day may look a little different, but we hope that Old Bill’s 2020 will break all past fundraising records and make our community stronger than ever.”


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What is Old Bill's?

One of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful. In 2019, the event raised $14,381,191 from 4,012 donors. Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $173 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.


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Inspiring Philanthropy Since 1997

For twenty-four years, Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill have inspired thousands to raise millions through this innovative community celebration. In 2019 alone, Old Bill’s accomplished the following…

$14,381,191 Raised

4,012 donors, including 69 Co-Challengers, contributed to the match and directly to more than 200 nonprofits through Old Bill’s Fun Run 2019. On average, each donor gave to 5.28 nonprofits, and 47% of gifts were less than $250.

$3,464,002 Match Pool

Co-Challengers and Friends of the Match contributed over $3 million to match the community’s donations in 2019, stretching philanthropic dollars even further. These contributions truly inspire thousands to give millions through the event.

4,000 Run Day Participants

Whether they were walking, running, hosting a nonprofit booth or just enjoying the camaraderie of the day, approximately 4,000 people participated in Run Day in 2019, which constitutes one in three households in Jackson.