Old Bill's Fun Run

This run has no finish line. There are no podiums or medal ceremonies. It ends as it started, together, united in greater purpose. Here, every step, every pace, every individual spin of the wheel represents a collective spirit — a shared vision of a more vibrant and enriched community for all. Old Bill’s Fun Run exemplifies the very best of Jackson Hole. In this marathon of generosity lies the opportunity for meaningful contribution, for altruism amplified by the kindness of others, and for the singular drive to make a difference.

Old Bill’s 2022 Results

On Wednesday, October 26 at the Old Bill’s Awards Party, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole announced that Old Bill’s Fun Run 2022 raised a total of $19,957,301 in support of local nonprofits, an increase of 1.2% over last year. This effort represents over 24,000 gifts from 4,193 donors. The Match Pool, created with gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, CoChallengers and Friends totaled $5,005,979, while participating organizations received $14,951,322 in gifts designated specifically for them. Over the last twenty-six years, Old Bill’s has provided a grand total of $228,714,344 to nonprofits in Teton County.

Timed Run Results

What is Old Bill's?

One of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful. In 2022, the event raised $19,957,301 from 4,193 donors. Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $228 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.

More About Old Bill's


Old Bill’s Fun Run es uno de los eventos de recaudación de fondos más vanguardistas del país y también uno de los más exitosos. En 2021, recaudó $19,722,220 de 4,158 donantes. En total, Old Bill’s ha compilado la extraordinaria cantidad de $208 millones de dólares en filantropía para nuestra comunidad. Los fondos se destinan a alimentar a quienes padecen hambre, a apoyar a quienes enferman y a los adultos mayores, a enseñar a leer a jóvenes, a proteger a la vida silvestre, a construir viviendas económicas, a enriquecer nuestras vidas a través del arte y a tocar la vida de cada individuo en el Condado de Teton.

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Inspiring Philanthropy Since 1997

For twenty-five years, Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill have inspired thousands to raise millions through this innovative community celebration. In 2021 alone, Old Bill’s accomplished the following…

$19,722,220 Raised

4,158 donors, including 88 CoChallengers, contributed to the match and directly to more than 200 nonprofits through Old Bill’s Fun Run 2021.

$5,387,400 Match Pool

CoChallengers and Friends of the Match contributed over $5.3 million to match the community’s donations in 2021, stretching philanthropic dollars even further. These contributions truly inspire thousands to give millions through the event.

A Celebration
of Community

This year, the race starts and finishes at Jackson Elementary School Field on Willow Street. The Route goes through east Jackson to the National Elk Refuge and back. A family-friendly celebration featuring activities hosted by nonprofit booths takes place before and after the run. Pickup a free Old Bill’s t-shirt at the Community Foundation or on Run Day while supplies last.

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Another year where our #beloved #community in #jacksonholewyoming has demonstrated its big heart and generosity to their neighbors in need. An enormous thank you to all the #oldbills2022, #participants, #donors and #cosponsors as well as Kristina and the rest of #hardworking crew cfjacksonhole.

We know the struggle is real for many individuals and families in our valley. Thank you for continuing to reach past your immediate circle to help us #spreadthelove to those facing #housinginsecurity #homelessness and #displacement . As the crisis grows so do we. We couldn’t do this without you. Let’s keep growing 💕. #humanfamily #homelessnessawareness #alittlelovegoesalongway #unityincommunity

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From the bottom of our BTNF lovin' hearts, THANK YOU to everyone who donated during Old Bill's this year. With your help, we raised 20% more than we did in the 2021 season. We're pretty overwhelmed with all the gratitude right now!

Also, a big thank you to Gretchen Yost Photography, LLC for taking our photos and making us look fabulous.

📸 Gretchen Yost

#accessibilty photo of Friends Madison Traviss, Scott Kosiba and Mad Glee Mitchell in some amazing fall foliage

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In the company of over 200 local nonprofits that exude dedication, greatness, innovation, and collaborative partnership, we joined the cfjacksonhole this past Wednesday evening to graciously accept our #oldbills2022 grant made possible by so many.

Thank you to all who gave to us this year, your donations will truly keep our local pet community safe, healthy, and thriving in so many ways. Your investment in PAWS and passion for animals drives our mission forward.

This incredible community ceases to amaze us 🧡

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Generous support of JH Public Art through #oldbills2022 creates magical and inspiring artworks for our community to discover together.

Our gratitude goes to Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill, all of the Co-Challengers, cfjacksonhole, and the many donors who supported JH Public Art through this year's Old Bill's Fun Run – our 10th Anniversary and most successful year yet!

With gratitude,

carriegeraci , Executive Director

Board of Directors
keamolnar , Chair
janak_fish , Vice-Chair
Chris Ludwig , Treasurer
margaretfmoore , Secretary

robincamera , Project Manager
cmrippah , Communications
Shawn Meisl, Development

Pictured: Finders Keepers by Patrick Dougherty was co-produced with the thecenterjh | Photo by: wypope


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Last night, we gathered with other local non-profit organizations to celebrate the incredible philanthropic work done through Old Bill's Fun Run this year, and we learned our final total. Thanks to your generosity and support, we raised $53,174 in support of all the work we do in Teton County!

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THE RESULTS ARE IN! This year, our community raised a total of $19,957,301 through Old Bill’s Fun Run, a 1.2% increase over last year!

That incredible total is a mixture of gifts the community directed to our nonprofit partners and the matching pool built by a group of community-minded donors who fund Old Bill’s match by combining their funds – Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, our CoChallengers, and Friends of the Match. That pool of funding provides a partial matching grant to each qualified nonprofit. This year, our nonprofits received a 61% matching grant on up to $30,000 they raised. That is an additional $18,240 to nonprofits that raised $30,000 in gifts.

Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill led the match with a gift of $1 million. When our community joined CoChallengers and Friends, we received 24,000+ gifts made by 4,193 donors. Since the beginning, 26 years ago, Old Bill’s Fun Run has raised a whopping total of $228,714,344.

This event is a reflection of the generosity of our community and the amazing work of 200+ local nonprofits who are touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.

Thanks to all of you for playing a role in making this another record-breaking year — teamwork makes the dream work!

#oldbills2022 #jacksonhole

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Last night was the Old Bill’s Award Ceremony at The Center. Our Executive Director, Heather DeVine, accepted the grant check from The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. It was an honor to be among over 200 nonprofit organizations participating in this charitable philanthropy event. The Co-Challengers stepped up and matched the donations at 60%! 💥 Those dollars 💵 make a massive impact in the work of these well-deserving organizations that tirelessly serve our community. Thank you to all of PSL's supporters who believed in us; we couldn’t do any of this without you. Let’s get to the heart work! ♥️ #peoplespreadlove #heartwork #oldbills2022 #jacksonhole #philanthropy ...

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We are so grateful to have Lina Collado [lina_collado] in our community & on our board! As a #Womentoring mentee (2017 Cohort) and mentor (2022 Cohort), Lina is a testament to the importance of building the lifelong friendships and a supportive network needed to make #JacksonHole truly feel like home. 🧡

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