Share your knowledge at our Summer Camps! 

Opportunity starts June 20th at 12:00am and ends August 26th at 12:00am, 2022
For Ages 18+

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Do you have a certain expertise?  Neat skill or talent?  Love teaching children?

JHCM is seeking “experts” to guest teach a lesson to 15-17 children, either K/1 or grades 2-5 (see camp descriptions details). We would love the programs to be engaging, educational, age-appropriate and relevant to that week’s Summer Camp theme! If you’re interested in volunteering please, email Marisa Laugen marisa@jhchildrensmuseum.org.
K-1 Summer Camps
Not So Secret Gardens (June 20th – 23rd)
We’re going to get down in the dirt this week as we learn all about what makes a garden really grow. Bugs, and worms, and compost oh my! Bring your green thumbs and get ready to play in the mud, build a garden and set up JHCM for a summer of growing!

Playland  (July 18th – 21st)
Welcome to JHCM’s wonderful world of make-believe! Inviting all pirates, princesses, wizards and fairies for a playful exploration of our imaginations. In this camp, we’ll build forts and fairy houses, do silly science experiments, and create magnificent art. Campers will have plenty of time to sing songs, read stories, make new friends, and PLAY!
Rad Reggio  (August 8th – 11th)
​Join us in an exploration of artistic expression! In this camp, we’ll create art through the lens of Reggio Emilia philosophy; hands-on, child-led, and full of discovery. Art projects will focus on the experience of techniques, tools, and materials rather than step-by-step instructions. Construct sculptures, mold clay, splatter paint, all while making a spectacular mess!Art from Scratch  (August 15th – 18th)
This week we are going to not only make art, we are going to make the tools we need to make our art! From aprons to frames, canvases to an Artist’s Roll to be shared with an artist in need, we will get messy as we create!

2-5 Summer Camps
The Workshop (June 27th – July 1st)
Inviting all inventors, engineers, and makers to the JHCM Workshop for a week of building in our outdoor workshop! We’ll start the camp learning how to safely use real tools including drills, saws, sanders and more. Then we’ll spend the week using our skills to build individual and team projects as we engage with cool materials, tools, and design challenges.

Watershed Wonders  (July 11th – 15th)
Are you curious about the worlds hidden under the ripples of the local river? Do you ever wonder how lakes get so many fish? Come with JHCM as we explore watersheds in the Tetons and learn about our aquatic friends! We will build and craft with tools as we attempt to understand the watery worlds all around us.
Forest Diversity University (July 25th – 29th)
In this camp we explore and investigate secrets in our soil, mysteries in our forests and stories told by streams. Go on hikes, wade in a river, and play with pinecones as we discuss everything from fungi to falcons. Find out how each part of nature is connected, and learn the secret language of your local environment!

All Girls STEAM (August 22nd – 26th)
We’ll spend the week experimenting, testing, building and creating as a team of female scientists!  We’ll spend the week engaging in all aspects of STEAM- including chemistry, physics, robotics, art and engineering! STEAM campers will get to build in our outdoor workshop as they learn how to use real tools including drills, saws, sanders and more.

Learn more about our Summer Camps here: https://www.jhchildrensmuseum.org/summer-camps.html
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