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For Ages 21+

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A Board Member is a passionate leader who desires to make a positive impact on the community through their engagement in the Red Cross mission. In partnership with the local Executive, a board member will focus outwardly into the community to effectively mobilize support and resources around the Red Cross mission:

  • Serves as the “Face of Red Cross” to maximize Red Cross presence and connectivity in a community
  • Actively develops and grows financial resources to live out the mission
  • Helps support mission delivery by connecting to and building relationships with strategic partners and volunteers
  • Supports and advocates for “One Red Cross,” as appropriate – Disaster, Service to the Armed Forces, Health and Safety, and International

Key Responsibilities

  1. RED CROSS PRESENCE & CONNECTIVITY: In partnership with the Executive, develops and implements strategies to achieve and maintain positive awareness of the Red Cross. Serves as the “Face of the Red Cross” in the community, representing the organization among various stakeholders, including government, community/civic, faith-based, educational, military, political, corporate, etc.

Examples: Accept a Red Cross Month proclamation at a city council meeting. Visibly wear Red Cross board member pin. Make a presentation about Red Cross (Rotary, Chamber or other). Post Red Cross involvement on personal social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

  1. FUNDRAISING/FRIEND-RAISING: Partners with the Executive to develop and implement fundraising plans and strategies to ensure that revenue targets are achieved in order to deliver essential Red Cross services, locally, nationally and internationally. Engage and leverage their network of personal and professional associates to help achieve revenue targets. Identify, cultivate and steward potential and existing donors of influence and affluence. Actively serve on committee(s) focused on individual, corporate, foundation and/or special event channels.

Examples: Make an annual gift to the Board Campaign making Red Cross one of top-3 organizations for personal giving. Reach into individual network to identify new donors for the organization. Help reconnect former donors who have lapsed in giving. Participate on donor visits. Thank donors with handwritten notes and/or phone-a-thons.

  1. MISSION CAPACITY BUILDING: Engage and leverage their network of personal and professional associates to cultivate and steward external partner relationships that create and maintain mission capacity. Support building capacity for service delivery through the effective involvement and engagement of volunteer groups and partners. Help ensure Red Cross represents the diversity of the community served.
  2. AMBASSADOR FOR ONE RED CROSS: Promote visibility/awareness across entire mission as appropriate – disaster, service to armed forces, blood, health and safety, and international. Cultivate and steward external relationships that create and maintain contentedness within the community. Support building capacity for all lines of service delivery through the effective involvement and engagement of volunteers and partners.

Examples: Coordinate a presentation or training for their personal workplace or affiliated group. Encourage business, place of worship to conduct a blood drive.


  • Orientation to the American Red Cross
    • Red Cross Board Orientation
    • Red Cross Social Media Basics and Public Affairs
    • Fundraising Orientation – cultivation, solicitation and stewardship
    • Connection to Mission – Disaster, Service to Armed Forces, Blood, Health and Safety and International
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