Old Bill's Fun Run Results

Old Bill’s 2017
Top Competitive Runners

Women's 10K

1st Nora Colligan 38:48
2nd Katy Hollbacher 39:53
3rd Amy Glover at 42:18

Men's 10K

1st Michael Evans 38:12
2nd Brian Glaspell 39:08
3rd Chris Lundberg 39:46

Women's 5K

1st Maria Espinoza 21:48
2nd Sarah Rock 22:06
3rd Carrie Kruse 22:25

Men's 5K

1st Stephen Mulherin 18:02
2nd Alexandru Bacosca 18:24
3rd Esteban Barrios 18:42

Youth Female 5K

1st Sarah Galbraith 23:41
2nd Savannah Galbraith 24:08
3rd Ella Weimer 26:45

Youth Male 5K

1st Tucker Carr 21:41.20
2nd Kai McClennen 21:41.63
3rd Jack Love 22:16

Old Bill’s Complete Results
Competitive Divisions

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