Old Bill’s 25th Anniversary
Song Contest

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Old Bill’s Fun Run! To commemorate two and a half decades of this one-of-a-kind community celebration and over $189 million raised for local charities, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is pleased to host the Old Bill’s 25th Anniversary Song Contest. Full contest details here (PDF).

Deadline for song submissions: Friday, July 23rd at 5pm MDT

Please contact Old Bill’s Coordinator, Suzanne Rees, with questions about this contest:

srees@cfjacksonhole.org or 307-739-1026

Songwriting specifications
  • In 3 minutes or less, songs should capture the history, spirit, impact and/or legacy of Old Bill’s as perceived by the songwriter.
  • Songs must have original music and lyrics.
  • The 3 finalists must agree to give the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole free rights to their songs for Old Bill’s promotional purposes.
  • Songs should be easily shortened to 60 seconds to fit the parameters of certain media productions (e.g. movie theater ads).
  • Songs must not be specific to any nonprofit(s) nor reveal the identities of Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill. In addition, they should try to avoid referencing the event’s 25-year anniversary so the song can be used well into the future.

Song recording

  • Songwriters are responsible for facilitating their own recordings.
  • Songs will be judged on their artistic content, not their technical rendering.
  • Teton Music School has generously offered free use of its music rooms in the Center for the Arts to contest participants: Wednesday & Thursday, 3:30-5:30pm, June 23-July 22. (Recording equipment is not available, just the space.) Please email admin@tetonmusicschool.org to reserve, and specify that you will be recording an Old Bill’s song.
  • Videos accompanying songs are discouraged. Only audio files will be accepted,
    .WAV files are preferred.

Song file submission

  • Deadline: Friday, July 23rd at 5pm MDT
  • Audio files should be emailed to Suzanne Rees, srees@cfjacksonhole.org or delivered to the Community Foundation (Attention: Suzanne Rees) at 245 East Simpson Avenue in Jackson. Label your media “Old Bill’s Song Contest” and include your name, contact information, and photo to be used for publicity.
  • At the time of submission, contestants must specify a participating Old Bill’s nonprofit partner. Nonprofit partners will help promote the song and win $500 if the song wins the contest.
Contest details

Prize money

  • Two contestant categories: Adult and Youth (under 18).
  • The winning songwriter in the Adult category will receive $1,500, and an additional $500
    will go to the participating Old Bill’s nonprofit of their choice.
  • The Youth winner will receive $500, and an additional $500 will go to the participating Old Bill’s nonprofit of their choice.
  • In the event the winning songwriter is different from the performing musician(s), the prize money will be split equally amongst contributing individuals. The remaining $500 will go to the participating Old Bill’s nonprofit of the winners’ choice.

Live (or virtual) performance at Old Bill’s Fun Run

  • The winner will perform their Old Bill’s song on Saturday, September 11. Please save the date in case you are a finalist!
Community voting
  • Three finalists in both the Adult & Youth categories will be announced on Monday, August 2.
  • Jackson Hole community members will choose the winning Old Bill’s song. Voting will occur online August 13-20 at 5pm. Finalist songwriters and their partner nonprofits are invited to encourage their friends, families and stakeholders to vote for their songs.
Contest Timeline
  • May 24 – July 23: Songwriters compose, record and submit original songs celebrating Old Bill’s. Upon submission, they must specify their partner nonprofits to the Community Foundation.
  • July 23: deadline to submit an original Old Bill’s song.
  • July 23-August 2: an anonymous panel of judges reviews submissions and selects 3 finalists, who will be notified by August 2.
  • August 13 (Giving Season starts): the 3 finalists in both categories are announced.
  • August 13-20: the 3 Youth & Adult finalist songs are posted online for community voting.
  • September 11 (Old Bill’s Run Day): the winning songs/songwriters/musicians/nonprofits are announced and perform live (details TBD).