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Co-Challengers are a special group of individuals and businesses who donate matching funds to Old Bill’s. Co-Challengers do not designate their gifts for specific nonprofits, and instead support the matching grants that all participating nonprofits receive. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, Co-Challengers give at levels of $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. These donations form the match pool, which is divided up to supplement funds participating nonprofits raise.

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Co-Challengers are Community Leaders

The generosity of Co-Challengers inspires increased giving from the community and is key to Old Bill’s success. Co-Challengers are community leaders who intrinsically value philanthropy, and help highlight the tremendous work of local nonprofits.

Thanks to Co-Challengers
  • Nonprofits receive 100% of designated contributions and pay no administrative fee to participate;
  • Competing organizations willingly cooperate in a unified fundraiser;
  • A portion of the match pool provides grant funding for nonprofits annually;
  • Old Bill’s continues to grow with one in three households in Jackson participating!

How to become a Co-Challenger

For more information about joining this extraordinary group, contact Laurie Andrews.

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Thank You To Our
2021 Co-Challengers

* New Co-Challenger in 2021
+ Increased in 2021

Old Bill’s 2021 Co-Challengers

Challenge – $1,000,000
Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill+

Corbet’s – $500,000
Adrienne & John Mars+
Amy & Ray Thurston*

Double Black Diamond- $250,000
Gloria & Bill Newton

Black Diamond- $150,000
Leslie & Chris Johnson

Diamond- $100,000
Deborah & Jon Dawson+
Lannie & Bill Hoglund+
Erika Pearsall & Ned Jannotta+

Platinum – $75,000
Marcia Kunstel & Joe Albright+
Susan & Joe Davenport
Marsha & John Kleinheinz
Stacey & Robert Morse+

Gold Business – $50,000
Gros Ventre River Ranch / Tina & Karl Weber Charitable Fund
Huff / Vaughn / Sassi / Laurie & Mercedes Huff+

Gold – $50,000
Christie & Jon Callaghan
Lisa Carlin
Mary Anne Cree, in memoriam
Chris & Ross Hartley
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Katharine Conover-Keller & Fred Keller+
Catherine & David Loevner+
Mays Family Foundation / Peggy & Lowry Mays

Silver Business – $35,000
Bank of Jackson Hole
First Republic Bank
Graham-Faupel-Mendenhall / Karen Terra & Bob Graham,
Julie & Matt Faupel & Mack Mendenhall
Rusty Parrot Lodge / Harrison Family+

Silver – $35,000
Val & Dick Beck+
Nancy & Dick Collister
Sanae Ishikawa & Richard Georgi+
Lisa Lent & Johannes Gnauck+
Marne & Ed Holstein+
Gloria & Richard Kushel
Dave Landes & the family of Karen Oatey
Janine & David Lloyd+
Laura & Matt Murphy
Shirley & Paul Piper
Janet & Bob Whitmire

Bronze Business – $25,000
Caldera + Lab*
Crystal Creek Capital*
Four Seasons Jackson Hole
J Singleton Financial*
Osprey Beverages
Rocky Mountain Bank
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods Market*
WRJ Design / Klaus Baer & Rush Jenkins
Y2 Consultants*
­­­Zions Bank

Bronze – $25,000
Anonymous (3)*
Valerie Brown & Don Baker
Zooey & Lyons Brown*
Liz & David Chandler
Peggy & Kirk Davenport
Margot Snowdon & Yves Desgouttes
Nisha & Steve Dubois
Nancy & Rolf Engh
William Stamps Farish Fund
Julia Ferguson & Thomas Ritson Ferguson*
Sheryl & Jeffrey Flug
John E. Fox
Pamela & Scott Gibson
Theresa Godchaux*
Deirdre & Vance Griffith
Judy Hofflund & Tom Hansen
Kerri Ratcliffe & Doug Henderson
Debby & David Hopkins*
Kamilla & John Hurley
Elisabeth & Chansoo Joung
Kristin & Mike Kelly*
Carrie Kirkpatrick
Debbie & Bob Kopp
Cathy Kehr & Remy Levy*
Patty & John Lummis
Kathleen McCarragher
Niner Family
Christine Watkins & John Nixon*
Julie & Hugh O’Halloran
Marge & Gil Ordway
Estate of Suzanne Salzmann*
Seven Pines Foundation*
Gabrielle & Dakin Sloss
Patti Stancarone
Caroline & Ken Taylor*
Randi Levine & Jeff Trenton
Robin & Bill Weiss*
Suzanne & John Willian*
Lucy Wild & Jason Wolff*
Sasha & Mike Zolik

List as of 10/8/2021

Total Funds Raised to Date: $208,757,043

By matching donations to participating nonprofits, Old Bill’s has inspired thousands to invest millions to enrich our valley and transform lives.

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