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Nonprofits that participate in Old Bill’s receive 100% of gifts that donors designate for them as well as a matching grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

Nonprofits are responsible for adhering to all



Find details, dates and answers to frequently asked questions about participation below.

Old Bill's Fun Run

The first fundraising event of its kind in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run supports local nonprofits with an efficient fundraising opportunity that inspires greater giving and participation from community donors. It also brings local nonprofits together in a single high-profile, collectively beneficial event. Over the past twenty-one years, Old Bill’s has raised more than $146 million to benefit our community.

Old Bill's History

How to Participate in
Old Bill's as a Nonprofit

Participation in Old Bill’s is contingent upon qualifying as a local charitable organization (a 501c3, government entity or faith-based organization meeting any one of the applicable criteria below), attending a mandatory kick-off meeting (nonprofits that did not participate last year), and submitting a complete application by the annual deadline. Tin Cup Challenge participants are not eligible for Old Bill’s. Applications are reviewed by the Community Foundation, and organizations must be approved in order to fundraise through Old Bill’s. Each participant must meet the following requirements.

Participant Requirements
  • An organization that predominantly works in or serves Teton County, WY or…
  • An officially designated Jackson Hole/Teton County, WY chapter in good standing of a state/regional/national membership organization, with a local advisory board comprised predominantly of Teton County, WY residents or…
  • A state organization with Teton County, WY representation on the board; at least one paid employee whose responsibilities are predominantly comprised of program work in Teton County, WY; and dedicated office space in Teton County, WY or…
  • A regional/national organization, with a board or local advisory board comprised predominantly of Teton County, WY residents; at least one paid employee whose responsibilities are predominantly comprised of program work in Teton County, WY; and dedicated office space in Teton County, WY

Important Dates

Important dates for nonprofits to share with staff, board members, donors and volunteers.


1st         9:00am | MANDATORY MEETING FOR NEW NONPROFITS: Kick-off meeting at Hansen Hall in St. John’s Church (170 Glenwood Street) to go over rules and procedures with organizations new to Old Bill’s and/or that did not participate in 2017. The Foundation strongly encourages staff members new to Old Bill’s to attend.

1st   12:00pm | APPLICATION AVAILABLE AT OLDBILLS.ORG FOR ALL NONPROFITS: The order in which applications are received determines the order in which organizations select Run Day booth space.

3rd 9:00am | APPLICATION WORKSHOP: Optional workshop at the Community Foundation, 245 E. Simpson, for assistance with Old Bill’s application—bring a laptop and questions. Also offered on May 10th.

10th 9:00am | APPLICATION WORKSHOP: See above explanation.

18th 5:00pm | APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications due. Returning organizations must complete the 2017 Grant Reports within the application. (Nonprofits meeting this deadline are listed in Old Bill’s brochure). Expect notification of acceptance via email by the end of June.           


1st 3:30-5:00pm | LAUNCH PARTY & START OF GIVING SEASON: Party at the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, 245 E. Simpson. Donations accepted, run/walk registration begins, and marketing brochures available.         

3rd 5:00pm | NON-MARKETING APPLICATION DEADLINE: Final date to submit Old Bill’s applications. (Nonprofits that meet this deadline will not be in Old Bill’s brochure.)

15th 8:30-9:30am | MANDATORY BOOTH MEETING AT TETON COUNTY LIBRARY: Nonprofits that host informational booths around Town Square on Run Day must attend this meeting.


7th 5:00pm | TIMED RACE REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Final day for free timed run/walk registration.

8th 10:00am | OLD BILL’S FUN RUN 2018: Come to Town Square and help make it happen by volunteering!

14th 5:00pm | DONATION DEADLINE & END OF GIVING SEASON: Final day to donate through Old Bill’s.


22nd  5:00-6:30pm | MANDATORY AWARDS PARTY: Celebrate all that Old Bill’s does for our community, and leave with your organization’s check! (Representatives from participating nonprofits must attend to pick up grant checks. Failure to pick up checks will result in forfeiture of matching grants.)

All dates are subject to change. 

MAY: Application Deadline

Mandatory Booth Meeting

SEPTEMBER: Old Bill’s Fun Run

OCTOBER: Mandatory Awards Party




Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nonprofits Can Join Old Bill’s Fun Run?

All qualifying nonprofit organizations in Teton County, Wyoming are invited to participate in Old Bill’s Fun Run. Teton County organizations that participate in the Tin Cup Challenge are not eligible. See “How to Participate” section above.


How Does Old Bill’s Fun Run Raise Money for Nonprofits?

Run Day is a fun outdoor event that highlights the giving season, which runs from August 1st to the Friday after the race. During the giving season, approved nonprofits campaign for donors to give to their organization via the Community Foundation. Donors use donor forms (online or paper copies) to specify which charities they are supporting. Separately, the Foundation solicits Co-Challenger contributions that are used to partially match the designated gifts each nonprofit receives.

What are the Community Foundation’s Responsibilities?
  • Receive and process all gifts to Old Bill’s Fun Run and provide a tax receipt
  • Provide promotional and marketing presence for Old Bill’s Fun Run
  • Solicit Co-Challengers and corporate sponsors to provide matching funds
  • Produce and execute Old Bill’s Fun Run with the help of community volunteers
How Can People in the Community Get Involved?
  • Make a donation to an approved charity through the Community Foundation during the giving season
  • Participate in the Fun Run, options include timed or untimed running, walking, and a Diaper Derby
  • Volunteer at a nonprofit’s informational booth on run day
  • Volunteer to help with Run Day, Contact Annie Riddell (307)690-5284, or see our listing on Volunteer Jackson Hole for more information.
What Happens on Run Day?

Participants run or walk 5K or 10K in timed or untimed categories. Winners in the timed category donate their winnings to the nonprofit(s) of their choice. Kids age 7-14 can participate in the timed 5K Young Bill’s race, and the littlest Bills can crawl in the Diaper Derby. Festivities include costumes, music, free snacks and awards. The entire community is welcome to attend.

Who Provides the Matching Funds?

Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill generously provide the first $500,000 in matching funds. The Community Foundation raises additional matching funds from individuals and businesses in the community, known as Co-Challengers and Friends of the Match.

What is the Match Percentage & How is it Determined?

The percentage varies annually and is based on the total amount of match money raised and the total amount of designated contributions. The first $30,000 of each nonprofit’s designated gifts are eligible for matching, and in recent years, the matching grant on these gifts has been approximately 50%. This means that the maximum additional funding available for each nonprofit is about $14,000, depending on any given year’s match percentage. All eligible participating organizations receive the same percent of matching dollars on the first $30,000 in designated contributions they raise.

How are funds distributed?

One hundred percent of the designated, community-raised contributions are distributed to nonprofits chosen by donors (subject to the Community Foundation’s variance power) along with the supplemental matching grant on the first $30,000 raised on their behalf.

Twenty percent of the match funds raised are allocated to the Foundation’s Competitive Grants program for the coming year, providing two annual opportunities for organizations to apply for grant support. To successfully produce Old Bill’s each year, the Foundation assesses a 5% administrative fee that is funded entirely from the matching funds to ensure that nonprofits can participate for free and receive 100% of their designated contributions.

Who is Old Bill?

Old Bill is the spirit of community philanthropy. Everyone who participates in our community is Old Bill!

Logo Downloads

When recognizing Old Bill’s and/or the Community Foundation in your materials, please use the following logos. Contact Susan Scarlata, (307) 739-1026, with questions about branding and logo usage.

Participating organizations are encouraged to use the Old Bill’s logo as soon as they receive it and throughout the giving period.

Download Old Bill's Logos

Still Have Questions?

Contact Pam Sather at (307) 739-1026 for questions
or to learn more about the nonprofit application process.