Booth Hosting

Thanks for hosting a booth at Old Bill’s 2022 on Saturday, September 10 at Jackson Elementary School Field.

Please download and review the two important documents below – Booth Map and Booth Hosting Guidelines. Please note: both documents have been revised since the August 17 booth meeting.

Further down the page, you’ll see a list of booth confirmations, drop-off times and drop-off locations.

Please send questions or notification of cancellation/booth sharing to Old Bill’s Coordinator Suzanne Rees.

We look forward to seeing you on Run Day!

Booth Map

Use the below button to download the 2022 Old Bill’s Booth Map.

Download Booth Map

Booth Hosting Guidelines

Use the below button to download the 2022 Booth Hosting Guidelines.

Download Booth Hosting Guidelines

Booth Confirmation Details

Please use the scroll bar to the right if needed.

Have Questions?

Please contact Old Bill’s Coordinator Suzanne Rees and/or Booth Captain Laura Soltau