Scholarship Recipient Guidelines

Are you a recent recipient of a scholarship through the Community Foundation? Here’s how to get started in order to receive your scholarship funds.


  • Scholarship payments are processed after students submit the documents listed below.
  • Payments may take up to three weeks to be processed.
  • The Foundation processes scholarship payments once a year.
  • The Foundation makes payments from Scholarship Funds to colleges and/or universities directly. The one exception to this rule is for Hathaway Scholarship Fund recipients. Students receiving Hathaway Scholarhips receive checks directly.

To Receive Your Scholarhips Funds

For the first year of a scholarship or a one year scholarship, please complete and submit the following: 

  • Student Information Form (PDF download)
  • *Proof of enrollment (class schedule or correspondence from college/university)

For subsequent years, please submit the following: 

  • *Prior year transcript with GPA included
  • *Proof of enrollment (class schedule or correspondence from college/university)
  • Student Information Form (only if school or contact information has changed)

*Proof of enrollment and transcripts can be unofficial documents as long as your name and the college’s/university’s name appear.

The email on your Student Information Form will be used for all communication. Please list an email address that you regularly check, keep this information current and notify the Foundation promptly of any changes.

Submit Forms and Information

Should You Send Thank You Notes?

  • Absolutely! Thank you notes are not required, but donors appreciate hearing from you. Send them updates and share what you have been able to do with their support!
  • Send thank you notes to the Community Foudation (P.O. Box 574, Jackson, WY 83001), and we will forward them to fundholders.

Are Scholarships Taxed?

  • Please refer to IRS publication 970 for details about taxes.
  • Scholarships are generally not taxed for degree candidates at accredited educational institutions using scholarship funding for tuition, books or supplies.
  • Scholarships are taxed if used for room and board or travel.

Still Have Questions?

  • Contact Shelby Read at sread@cfjacksonhole.org or 307-739-1026.