Work with the Foundation
as an Advisor

Professional advisors in the legal, accounting, and financial sectors are often in a position to advise their clients about charitable giving, though few specialize in this area.

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole can assist you and your clients in structuring gifts that maximize tax savings, while establishing enduring community legacies your clients desire. We combine our expertise with yours to ensure that your clients make educated decisions when selecting from our full spectrum of options.

The Community Foundation has experience in helping philanthropic individuals create charitable legacies. Working with the Community Foundation offers a variety of benefits to you and your clients.

Customized, Flexible Giving

We are experienced in customizing charitable giving vehicles for individuals, including donors with complicated objectives and complex gift situations. See our fund types and structures for more details. In addition, we have a flexible gift acceptance policy, including gifts of appreciated securities, retirement funds, closely-held stock and real property. Find out about gifting options.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff can help establish a charitable giving plan with an effective grant-making program. Meet our staff.

Optional Anonymity

We guarantee your clients’ anonymity, if they so choose, in establishing a fund through the Foundation or making grants to their favorite charities.

Professionally Managed Investments

Our professionally managed investment portfolio offers our fund holders access to a greater variety of investment options, consistent investment policy execution and economies of scale through pooled investments. Fund holders can feel secure in the fiduciary oversight of our experienced Board and Staff members.

Maximum Deductibility

We are a public charity, which means your clients’ contributions qualify for the maximum deduction for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

Simplified Administration

Working with the Community Foundation to implement your planned gifts alleviates the burden of record keeping, IRS reporting and potentially complicated trust administration.

24-Hour Fund Access

Fund holders have 24-Hour online account or fund access, through Donor View, a secure, password-protected online service where they can access their personal fund information including fund balance, gift and grant history and pending grant recommendations.

In addition to the resources provided here, contact Erin Lusins (307) 739-1026 to learn more about how the Community Foundation can help you and your clients.