Philanthropy is uniquely personal.

It reflects your aspirations and values. It expresses your humanity and your empathy. It’s good for your health, your heart, and your soul. But how can you be certain you’ll make the most impact with your contributions?

At the Community Foundation we can help you make your charitable giving purposeful and effective. Our experienced staff provides insight into community needs and prudent due diligence. Whether you’re making an annual gift or creating an endowment, we offer flexible giving options, professional investment management and simplified administration. The benefits are great. The rewards are priceless.

Work with us.
Together we can transform lives.

We make it easy to manage your giving and make your generosity count.
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1Define Your
Charitable Objectives

Identify where and how you want to make a difference. Decide how involved you (and family members or advisors) want to be both financially and in terms of participation.



2Determine Your
Financial Objectives

Are you looking for any tax or estate planning benefits? If so, we can help you with information about the advantages of different types of gifts so that you can fit your philanthropy into your financial plans for optimal effect.



3Create or
Contribute to a Fund

Once you’ve come up with answers for Steps 1 and 2, we will work with you to create a fund that meets your objectives. Or, if there is an existing fund that meets your needs, your contributions will not require a new fund agreement.



We can help you navigate the logistics related to philanthropy so you can make the difference you are envisioning. To learn more, contact Laurie Andrews or
Erin Lusins at (307) 739-1026.

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How do we help?

Our team of professionals offers local insight and expertise to help you make the philanthropic impact you want—and build your lasting legacy.

Work With Us – Experience

We are a trusted, knowledgeable team committed to collaborating with community partners to develop creative solutions and promote lasting change.


Work With Us – Personalized

Our experienced staff  offers guidance at every step to make the most of your philanthropic dollars. We’re happy to meet with you or your financial advisor to discuss how to turn your plans into action.



Work With Us – Flexibility

Whether you want to give now or in the future—locally, nationally or globally—our goal is to make your philanthropic vision a reality. You’re at the wheel. You can be as hands-off or as hands-on as you like.




Work With Us – Privacy

We honor when and how you want to be recognized for your contributions. If you prefer anonymity, we will protect your identity. Your personal information will never be disclosed without permission.




Work With Us – Local Commitment
Local Commitment

Our staff and board are made up of community members and volunteers living in Jackson Hole. We are experienced in providing strategic support to effective nonprofits and addressing emerging local issues.



Work With Us – Old Bills
Old Bill’s Fun Run

This annual event is a national model for collaborative fundraising. Old Bill’s increases the impact of contributions to participating local nonprofits with matching gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill and our CoChallengers. Since 1997, Old Bill’s has inspired thousands to give millions.

Work With Us – Tax Deductions
Tax Deductions

Donations you make to the Community Foundation qualify for the maximum available charitable deduction in the year the gift is made. We also offer solutions to help reduce your estate-tax liability.