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Community Foundation

Philanthropy is uniquely personal. That’s why the Foundation offers flexible giving options to help realize your philanthropic vision in ways that reflect your aspirations and values. Whether you are making an annual gift or establishing an endowment, our experienced staff provides local expertise and personalized service, with insight into community needs, prudent due diligence and simplified administration. Local board oversight, coupled with professional investment management, ensures peace of mind and maximum impact.

Together We Can Make
Your Philanthropic Dreams a Reality

The Foundation makes it easy to manage your giving and make lasting impacts.
Together, we can transform lives. Here’s how to get started…

1Define Your
Charitable Objectives

To clarify your philanthropic goals and the optimal way to achieve them, consider where and how you want to make an impact. Assess your preferred level of involvement in the grant making process along with the potential involvement of family members or other advisors.

2Consider Your
Financial Objectives

Are you seeking any particular tax or estate planning benefits? The Foundation can provide information on the advantages of different types of gifts. Work with a financial advisor to evaluate the optimal way to maximize your philanthropy within the broader context of your overall financial planning.

3Create or
Contribute to a Fund

Based on your answers to the previous questions, the Foundation will work with you to create a fund that best achieves your goals. If an existing Foundation fund meets your needs, contributions can be made to it directly without completing a new fund agreement.

Ready to Begin?

Deciding to make a difference is easy, navigating how to best to do so can be less clear. The Community Foundation is here to help. To learn more, contact Katharine Conover or
Karen Coleman at (307) 739-1026.

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​Benefits of Working with the Foundation

Explore the many ways the Foundation facilitates thoughtful, effective giving. A partnership with the Community Foundation provides access to the insights and expertise of our team of professionals to maximize your philanthropic impact and create a lasting legacy.

Work With Us – Experience

The Foundation is proud to offer a trusted, knowledgeable team of passionate individuals. We are committed to working collaboratively with community partners to develop creative solutions and promote lasting change.

Work With Us – Personalized

We are happy to meet with you or your financial advisor to discuss your giving and how we can best help facilitate it. Our experienced staff offers guidance at every step to make the most of your philanthropic dollars.

Work With Us – Flexibility

Whether you want to give now, in the future, locally, nationally or globally, the Foundation’s goal is to make every philanthropic vision a reality. You can be entirely hands-off or as involved in your charitable giving as you like.

Work With Us – Privacy

We honor when and how you want to be recognized for your contributions. If you prefer to maintain anonymity, your identity remains protected. Personal information is never disclosed without permission.

Work With Us – Local Commitment
Local Commitment

The Foundation staff and Board of Directors are made up of community members and volunteers living in Jackson Hole. With our comprehensive experience, we are able to strategically support effective nonprofits and quickly address emerging local issues.

Work With Us – Old Bills
Old Bill’s Fun Run

Old Bill’s is an opportunity to increase the impact of contributions to local nonprofits with matching grants. Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill and the Co-Challengers match gifts to participating organizations. Since 1997, Old Bill’s has inspired thousands to give millions.

Work With Us – Tax Deductions
Tax Deductions

As a public charity, Community Foundation donations qualify for the maximum available charitable deduction in the year the gift is made. We also offer solutions to help reduce your estate-tax liability.