Micro Grants Program

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole awards micro grants to provide funding for projects for $3,000 or less that address urgent and relatively small unexpected needs.

Grant Details


To be eligible for funding, an organization must be a 501(c)(3), governmental entity, or other IRS recognized charitable organization serving Teton County, Wyoming. Grant funds must be used in Teton County, Wyoming.

Available Funds

Applicants may request up to $3,000 every twelve months. Larger requests must be submitted under the Community Foundation’s Competitive Grants program. In exceptional situations, the Committee may consider time-sensitive grants for more than $3,000.


Micro Grants are intended to fund unique, unexpected opportunities or urgent, unanticipated problems. Consistent with our Competitive Grants, awards are based upon community need and expected impact. Projects that require a quick response to effectively address a community problem or situation are given priority.

Funding requests for recurring expenses, travel expenses, general operating expenses, routine maintenance, or programs that have been previously funded by the Community Foundation are discouraged.


The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole does not provide support for the following: religious activities, debt retirement, political activities, or organizations working primarily to influence legislation. Grant applications that have been previously submitted to the Competitive Grants Program are not eligible for funding. The Community Foundation does not fund projects retroactively.

How to Apply

To submit, email completed application to Shelby Read. Please submit your application as a Word or PDF attachment to your email message.

Micro grant applications are reviewed once a week with notification of funding decisions immediately following.

If you have any questions regarding this application please call Shelby Read at 307-739-1026.

Micro Grant Application