About the
Community Foundation

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has been helping to make giving smarter, nonprofits more effective and our community stronger for nearly 30 years. The Foundation manages $56 million in assets and our annual collaborative event, Old Bill’s Fun Run, has raised over $146 million for local nonprofits. Since our inception, donors have relied on the Foundation’s experienced staff to assist with their current and planned giving by providing insight about community needs and simplified administration.

Our Mission

To improve lives through philanthropic leadership by:

  • Providing superior donor services
  • Making grants that positively impact the community
  • Ensuring sustainability of the philanthropic community
  • Acting as a leader, catalyst and resource


Meet Our Team

Our Services

This is a short, but not comprehensive list of programs and resources we offer.

  • Competitive Grants – Our Grants Committee makes awards based on community impact and organizational capacity.     
  • Donor View – Provides secure access to fund activity online.
  • Expertise on Nonprofits and Resources – Provide consultation on local nonprofits, Nonprofit List Serve, Board Member Workshops, Nonprofit Directory, Salary Survey and Volunteer Jackson Hole.
  • Expertise on Philanthropy for Wealth Advisors – Consulting with individuals to develop planned giving options, choose optimal fund types, and provide comparisons of advantages of community foundations vs. private foundations as philanthropic vehicles for achieving effective tax and estate planning.
  • Legacy Society – The Legacy Society recognizes donors who have made a gift to the Foundation in their will or other estate plans including both revocable and irrevocable bequests and trust arrangements.

Please contact us to inquire about our services.

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Foundation Facts

Established in 1989, the Community Foundation is the philanthropic focal point in Jackson Hole, serving donors, nonprofit organizations, and the community.

Focus Areas

Arts, Civic Involvement, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services and Recreation.

Organizations Served

Over 200 local nonprofit organizations are served by the Community Foundation.

Staff & Volunteers

We have eight full-time and one part-time staff members. In 2017, over 300 volunteers gave their time.


The Community Foundation has received gifts of more than $25 million in 2017, and over $325 million since inception, from thousands of donors.


The Community Foundation granted approximately $21 million in 2017 and has given out nearly $280 million since inception to nonprofits in Jackson Hole, other national localities and abroad.


The Community Foundation currently administers approximately 240 funds. Learn about our Fund Types and Structures.

Special Programs

Old Bill’s Fun Run For Charities is an annual community-wide fundraiser that brought $12 million to local nonprofits in 2017 and has raised over $146 million since its inception.

Financial Highlights

Among 250 foundations surveyed through by CF Insights in 2017 we:

• Ranked #2 in gifts per capita
• Ranked #4 in distribution of assets having distributed 32% of its assets to nonprofits
• Ranked #7 in transactional volume, placing among large foundations with three times the staff that we have

See Our Reports & Financials

Frequently Asked Questions

Community foundations offer many services and play an integral role in their respective communities. The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is no different, although the idiosyncrasies of our community can make our mission and related services difficult to fully appreciate and understand. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have more questions, please contact us at (307) 739-1026.

What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a public, nonprofit organization established to promote and facilitate philanthropy in a specific geographic area.

More specifically, a community foundation is a tax-exempt public charity created by and for the people in a local area. It enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about either immediately or through their estates.

Community foundations do this by helping individuals, families, and businesses establish charitable funds to which they may contribute a variety of assets. Grants are then made from these funds to nonprofit groups in order to meet the charitable goals of the donor. Donors and their families may be actively involved in the selection of the nonprofit groups. The grants can be made in the donor’s name or anonymously.

Community foundations have in-depth knowledge of their communities and remain alert to emerging needs in order to respond quickly and effectively. They convene groups including donors, nonprofit leaders and elected officials to work together on community problem-solving. Community foundations foster greater giving and volunteering in our communities.

Community foundations have a long tradition of helping bring about thoughtful, effective change. The first one was started in 1914, and there are now more than 750 throughout the United States.

What is the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole?

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole exists to “improve lives through philanthropic leadership” by providing superior donor services, making grants that positively impact the community, ensuring the sustainability of Jackson Hole’s philanthropic community, and acting as a leader, catalyst and resource.

What makes the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole unique?

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is a very active and engaged community funder, consistently ranked at the top amongst other community foundations for per-capita giving, per-capita granting and transactional volume. The Community Foundation is especially engaged in its hands-on support of local nonprofits with financial and technical support while also sharing extensive knowledge of local needs and organizations with interested donors. Old Bill’s Fun Run – the Community Foundation’s signature, collaborative fund-raising event for local nonprofits – was the first of its kind in the nation. Over the past twenty years, it has inspired thousands of donors to give millions of dollars, over $146 million, to benefit Jackson Hole.

What does the Foundation do for donors?

The Community Foundation facilitates charitable giving with streamlined gift management and reporting, in-depth nonprofit information, customized recognition or anonymity, tax benefits, and endowment management. It offers a wide range of donor programs, vehicles, and funds to suit diverse donor needs. Old Bill’s Fun Run offers donors an elegant way to support multiple organizations with a single donation.

What does the Foundation do for local nonprofits?

The Community Foundation assists nonprofits by offering competitive grants, nonprofit management expertise, and educational programs such as board development and grant writing training, while also serving as a connection to Jackson Hole donors. Old Bill’s Fun Run benefits nonprofits by providing a structured fundraising opportunity with a matching grant.

Why do we need the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole?
  • To facilitate charitable giving by the donor community;
  • To attract financial support from new donors to address community needs;
  • To offer a local competitive grant funding;
  • To enable donors to support the field(s) in which they have an interest, rather than limiting their selection to a specific charity;
  • To provide philanthropic permanence and sustainability;
  • To encourage organizations to collaborate and communicate by offering venues for networking;
  • To educate the entire community by providing seminars, workshops, one-on-one consultation, and reference materials relating to nonprofit management and operations;
  • To increase the capacity of local organizations to achieve their missions in the most cost-effective manner possible.
How is the Community Foundation funded?

The Community Foundation is funded through direct contributions, investment income generated by non-endowed funds, administrative fees on endowment funds and Old Bill’s Fun Run, and supplemental support from its operating endowment.

Does the Community Foundation compete with area nonprofits?

No. By making charitable giving easy, the Community Foundation brings more money to nonprofits, enhancing their sustainability and effectiveness. The Community Foundation also promotes annual formalized giving to nonprofits through Old Bill’s Fun Run.

Why create a fund at the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole?

Individuals and organizations create funds at the Community Foundation for a variety of reasons:

  • To administer their philanthropy in a more informed and efficient way;
  • To be part of a community of fellow fundholders seeking to strengthen the Jackson Hole community;
  • To provide funds in perpetuity to a cause or area of interest;
  • To develop an ongoing relationship with the Community Foundation to learn from and leverage its philanthropic services and expertise.
Why should I partner with the Community Foundation instead of creating a private foundation?

he Community Foundation is a public charity. As a result, donors enjoy maximum flexibility and tax benefits when they make a contribution, whereas the rules governing gifts to a private foundation are more restrictive. Private foundations are subject to excise taxes and various limitations on grant recipients and investments. With a fund at the Community Foundation, donors have no meeting or reporting requirements. Donors to the Community Foundation also become part of a “community of givers” who strengthen the Jackson Hole community.

How do charitable funds at a financial service firm and funds at the Foundation differ?

Commercial donor-advised funds offered by some major financial institutions extend the same tax deductibility as a fund at the Community Foundation and most have an online grant system; however, this is the extent of the similarities.

Donor advised funds at the Community Foundation are relationship- and service-based. Commercial funds are transaction-based. The Community Foundation can accept the full range of gift opportunities, including bequests, real estate and non-marketable securities. Commercial funds tend to be limited to cash and publicly traded securities.

Donors to the Community Foundation become part of a community of donors recognized in our Annual Report. Commercial funds are not community based. Fees charged by the Community Foundation are reinvested in the community to encourage more philanthropy and community-building. Fees charged by commercial funds benefit the financial institution.

The staff members of the Community Foundation also possess an in-depth understanding of the community’s challenges and the groups and individuals addressing them, which helps donors to make informed decisions. Our knowledge of the community enables us to make a difference by funding high-impact initiatives addressing a broad range of local needs.

How can I give to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole?

Many donors establish and contribute to personal donor-advised funds and then make recommendations for grant distributions to nonprofits over time. Donors also contribute through giving circles, trusts, endowments and scholarships. Old Bill’s Fun Run is a popular event for donors to support many nonprofits at one time by contributing to the matching pool or designating the specific organizations they wish to support.

Can I only recommend grants to organizations in the community?

Fundholders often give outside the Jackson Hole community. Although the Community Foundation’s expertise is identifying and addressing the needs of Teton County, Wyoming, we encourage donors to make grants to causes that are important to them, wherever they may be.