Old Bill's Fun Run Results

Old Bill’s 2016
Top Competitive Racers

Women's 10K

1st Samantha Diaz 36:33.93
2nd Hannah Meier 43:13.55
3rd Gwen Leslie 44:45.71

Men's 10K

1st Robert Palmer 36:12.88
2nd Sam Molder 36:18.39
3rd Ryan Burke 38:33.08

Women's 5K

1st Maria Espinoza 19:47.22
2nd Tamsen Pruzan 21:06.00
3rd Carrie Kruse 21:49.30

Men's 5K

1st Dylan Klein 18:09.59
1st Esteban Barrios 18:09.82
3rd Tommy King 18:22.96

Youth Female 5K

1st Pheobe Alva Rosa 21:30.07
2nd Melany Perez 22:47.76
3rd Natasha Muromcew 23:33.69

Youth Male 5K

1st Oliver Chambers 20:18.15
2nd Tucker Carr 21:52.78
3rd Sam Sinclair 22:14.78

Old Bill’s Complete Results
Competitive Divisions

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