Work with the Foundation


In addition to working with donors to facilitate their giving, the Community Foundation administers agency funds to help nonprofits manage investments.  A critical resource to local organizations, we offer technical assistance through workshops, competitive grants and Old Bill’s Fun Run.

Agency Funds

Establishing an Agency Fund through the Community Foundation is an easy, efficient method for managing your organization’s investments and providing a stable, perennial income stream to support your operations.  By having our experienced staff handle investment management and administrative details, your staff and board can concentrate on fulfilling your organization’s mission.  We offer trusted, local expertise and personalized service to help your organization benefit from the following features:


Over the years, we have assisted thousands of donors and nonprofits with their philanthropic work, gaining their trust and recognition as an enduring, professionally managed organization.  We take pride in the role we have played in helping donors and nonprofits and in the respect we have earned in our community.

Professional Investment Management

Agency Funds benefit from independent, professional investment advisors, consistent investment policy execution and economies of scale from pooled assets, providing the potential for improved returns on investment.  Broader access to alternative investments can also reduce volatility in returns through greater portfolio diversification.  For more information see Investment Management.

Non-Cash Gift Acceptance and Planned Giving

We can accept gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, privately-held stock and other non-cash assets for your fund that you may not wish to accept on your own. In addition, our experienced staff can facilitate and manage more complex planned gifts, such as charitable trusts and gift annuities, to benefit your fund.  For more information see our Gifting Options.

Convenient, Flexible Fund Administration

By providing all administrative services for your fund, we simplify your asset management, tax reporting and record keeping.  Depending on your needs, we can structure your fund as a permanent endowment, a “rainy day” fund with the ability to access principal, or even as an “off balance sheet” asset for your organization.  As a community-based charity, our administrative fees broadly support Jackson Hole through our programs and competitive grants, rather than simply increasing corporate profits.  For more information see Fund Types and Structures.

Sound Stewardship

As a steward of community assets, we exercise prudent fiduciary oversight and give you the peace of mind that your organization’s funds are being professionally managed, consistent with your organizational goals and liquidity needs.  We make a full accounting of our activities through our annual report, regular independent financial audits and other public documents, which are available upon request.

Maximum, Immediate Tax Deductions

Because the Community Foundation is a public charity, all donations to your fund qualify for the maximum available deduction for charitable contributions in the year the gift is made. We can also offer solutions to help reduce your donors’ estate taxes.

Agency Funds at The Community Foundation

Baldwin Art Association Endowment
Center for the Arts Endowment
Community Safety Network Continue Fund
Friends of Recycling Endowment
Joan & David Goldfarb Classical and Jazz Collection Endowment
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Endowment
Pattie Layser Memorial Fund of the Murie Center
Jill & Lewis Mithun Library Collection Endowment
PAWS of Jackson Hole Endowment
Senior Center of Jackson Hole Endowment
State Library Match for the Teton County Library
Teton County Library Foundation Endowment