Current Capital Campaigns

The list below details current capital campaigns in our community with information on the campaign and current status provided directly from each organization. If you would like additional information about these campaigns, please feel free to contact the charity directly. To submit a campaign listing, please contact Nicki McDermott, (307) 739-1026.

Big City Broadway
2014/2015 Community Outreach Performance
Total Campaign Goal: $40,000
Total Raised to Date: $0
Contact: Gina Feliccia, Creative Producer/President

Big City Broadway is a group of experienced Broadway professionals who desire to mine talent and cultivate performing arts in Teton County Schools, and Teton County at large. The Big City Broadway mission is to bolster the strength of students by focusing on “one’s natural talent” ranging from stage direction and performance, to sound and lighting design.  The organization contributes to the community by producing full scale productions, and develops performance and musical talent in both adults and youth. Big City Broadway performs for large audiences as well as for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, River Rock and the Living Center assisted living facilities.

CLIMB Wyoming
Mother’s Day Match Campaign
Total Campaign Goal: $30,000
Total Raised to Date:
Contact: Sue B. Mason, Statewide Director of Major Giving

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a natural fit for an organization that is focused on improving the lives of single mothers,  and this campaign invites people to celebrate their own mothers with a donation to CLIMB in her name.  CLIMB partners with generous donors who provide a match for each dollar raised.  Since introducing a matched donation element to this appeal, CLIMB has increased funds raised by 25% each year. Please help us continue to grow this essential funding campaign by becoming a Mother’s Day match donor.

Funding Futures Giving Society
Total Campaign Goal:
Total Raised to Date:
Contact:Sue B. Mason, Statewide Director of Major Giving

The Funding Futures Giving Society was launched in 2012 as a fundraising campaign for CLIMB’s Teton Area program. Thanks to the expertise and efforts of our Funding Futures Steering Committee, the campaign evolved into a statewide giving society, recognizing donors who commit annually for a minimum of five years. Our Funding Futures Giving Society donors recognize the impact of a meaningful multi-year investment to provide a reliable source of funding and ensure our long-term sustainability.  Each year CLIMB has a goal of adding 10 new donors to this essential funding stream to ensure a source of funding that supports long term program planning for CLIMB staff and participants.

Community Safety Network

Continue Campaign
Total Campaign Goal: $2.5 Million
Total Raised to Date: $1.1 Million
Contact: Sharel Love, Executive Director or Ann Nelson, Development Chair

Community Safety Network helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking find safety anytime of the day or night. The Continue Campaign will fund the continuation of unique and proactive work that sets CSN apart from other shelter organizations of its size, including: round-the-clock staff to assist guests in the Newton House of Hope which is our neighborhood safehouse; Wyoming’s only fulltime violence  prevention  and education program for teens and adults in schools and workplaces; on-site transitional housing to position resident families for lasting self-sufficiency; and other promising new initiatives which require 100% private funding.

Jackson Hole Jewish Community
Twentieth Anniversary Endowment Campaign
Total Campaign Goal: $720,000
Total Raised to Date: $199,475
Contact: Mary Grossman – Executive Director

The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites people, celebrates the faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. They strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life. Since 1996, thousands have been educated, have worshipped, and have attended cultural programs – indoors and out! The Spirit of the Mountains Day Camp has served hundreds of campers. More than 30 young women and men have become b’nai mitzvot.

The Jackson Hole Jewish Community has established a general endowment fund to ensure the long term future of the organization in honor of the upcoming twentieth anniversary. The endowment will sustain the JHJC center, programming and leadership, and it will position the JHJC to expand when ready.

Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team
2017 Transpac Challenge
Total Campaign Goal: $150,000
Total Raised to Date: $12,700
Contact: Frank Marinaro, Vice Chair

The Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team’s mission is to develop diversity, leadership and academic success in Jackson, WY youth through sailing and ocean racing.  Each year a diverse cohort of 14 – 45 kids is recruited to train for the capstone of racing in the Trans Pacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Hawaii.  Though only 10 of the 45 kids will crew the race boat, all train together to support each other’s success.  All youth are invited to apply and this campaign funds their participation over the four year period.

Rendezvous Lands Conservancy
Total Campaign Goal: $5,000,000
Total Raised to Date: $2,000,000
Contact: Elisabeth Rohrbach, R Park Managing Director

In 2011, the Jackson Hole Land Trust and LOR Foundation purchased a very special property in Wilson, Wyoming.  The 40-acre plot, at the nexus of Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village, along the banks of the Snake River, was used for gravel mining and had been sold to be subdivided and developed for private homes.  Realizing the importance of the land, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC) was founded to turn the once gravel pit into a natural park, Rendezvous Park (R Park) for the enjoyment of the community and it’s visitors.  Including a historic boat launch, the landscape offers immediate accessibility to the new pedestrian bridge over the Snake River that will link Emily’s Pond to R Park, before connecting to the existing community pathway system all the way north to Teton Village and east to the town of Jackson.  With extraordinary views of the Tetons, walking trails, footbridges, and a bicycle pathway, R Park will be an ideal place to gather with family and friends.  R Park provides a safe place for children to cool off and play on hot summer days given the array of slow and fast-moving water, in the form of ponds, creeks, and rivers.

Rendezvous Lands Conservancy is in an active capital campaign to raise $5MM in order to reclaim, construct, manage, and maintain R Park, specifically including: 1) removing the former gravel pit, 2) restoring trees and habitat, 3) enhancing and developing ponds, streams, and a large meadow, 4) adding footbridges, pathways, benches, picnic tables, viewing areas, a small parking area, and other natural park amenities.  As the first park of its kind in the Rocky Mountain area, R Park aspires to be a model for additional RLC-owned parks to enhance the communities in which they are located.

Vertical Harvest
Raise It, Build It, Grow It Campaign
Total Campaign Goal: $3,400,000
Total Raised to Date: $3,100,000
Contact:  Penny McBride, Co-Founder

The campaign is to raise funds to complete the Living Wall which will showcase the growing systems and our donor partners. David Sokol has generously pledged $125,000 as the base of a match.

Wyoming Stargazing
Jackson Hole Public Observatory and Planetarium
Total Campaign Goal: $6 million
Total Raised to Date: $5,000
Contact: Dr. Samuel Singer, Executive Director

The ultimate goal of this capital campaign is to establish a public observatory and planetarium in Jackson Hole.  The observatory will include a telescope with a mirror between 24 and 36 inches in diameter, a classroom space, and a bunkhouse. The planetarium will include a 50-seat space theater and exhibits featuring space and earth science material. Monetary donations as well as donations of land, property, and vehicles are accepted.