Investment Management

Your gift, no matter what its size, reflects your trust in our ability to invest resources wisely and to use the resources represented by your fund to carry out your charitable wishes. We take our role seriously as a responsible steward of the funds that you entrust to us.

Investment Objective and Philosophy
Our guiding principle for investments at all times is to promote the prudent stewardship of funds entrusted for the benefit of the community of donors and charitable organizations we serve. The basic investment philosophy is to seek attractively valued securities that represent above average investment opportunities relative to the objectives of our investment portfolios. In pursuing this strategy, the Foundation relies upon the professional judgment of its investment advisors.

Investment Management
We work with professional investment advisors and money managers to put your dollars to work for charitable purposes here and abroad. Our principal investment advisor is Canterbury Consulting, an employee-owned firm with over $13.5 billion in client assets that has been focused on serving institutions and high net worth individuals since 1988. Working with Canterbury Consulting offers the Community Foundation and our fundholders the following benefits:

  • Professional expertise, facilitating prudent fiduciary oversight;
  • Access to a greater variety of investment options, improving portfolio diversification;
  • Consistent investment policy execution;
  • Economies of scale.

Investments are managed in accordance with a Board-approved Statement of Investment Objectives and Policies, the Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

The costs associated with these professionals are charged proportionately to the individual Endowment and Investors Circle funds that hold those investments. Investment fees incurred are competitive based on the amount of funds under management. Overall, total investment advisory and management fees generally range from 60 to 70 basis points (i.e. 1.0% to 1.39% of assets).

For additional information on our Investment Policy, Investment Committee or investment managers and related fees, please contact Karen Coleman.